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School Demo

We got to go teach school for the day…..that’s right YoYo School. 3 Classes about 60 students at ICS in Kent, WA. A lot of fun.

New prototype work

Here’s what we’ve been busy with!

The engine has been selected!

 It’s official. When the Hope prototypes drop this weekend at PNWR in Seattle, they will be powered by the Crucial Bearing ver. 2. These are definitely my favorite bearings. They have some of the longest spin times and their concave shape and center groove help keep the string centered.

Getting Ready for PNWR!

We are getting ready for our first contest as a company. PNWR (Pacific NorthWest Regional) will be held in the Seattle Center, downtown Seattle, WA on Friday February 24th and Saturday the 25th. One of our team members, Luke Reinert will be competing in the contest and Branden Moreau will be serving as a judge. We will have our shirts for sale and prototypes of the Hope yoyo for everyone to try!!