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Eternal Throw is a company based out of Seattle, Washington, we are a YoYo and Spintop company dedicated to spinning life together. So many experiences and people over the course of these past years have brought us to this moment. We all have a story, ours has led us to this. Families and individuals coming together to promote and share a love for a toy, a love for each other and for the YoYo and Spintop community. We invite you to come on this journey with us as we learn each other’s story and, together, write new ones. Welcome to Eternal Throw!

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Eternal Throw Video Page

This is where you can see mastery in action. These videos showcase the talented members that makeup the Eternal Throw team. We are updating our video page on a frequent basis so don’t forget to swing by every so often to take in all the action.


Team Page

Eternal Throw Team Page
Our team members have all been hand-crafted to the peak of perfection. Each new element thoughtfully selected to achieve the best possible combination of mastery and fun. Slow roasted goodness this great could only come from… Eternal Throw.

–Just Kidding.–

Here are the great people we’re honored to have on the Eternal Throw Team!!



Eternal Throw Blog Page

Don’t forget to swing by our Blog page. This is where you can find posts about the past shows that we have been involved with and see the latest news about upcoming YoYo conventions that we will be making an appearance at. If you have any questions about or need to book a show please don’t hesitate in dropping us a line on our contact form.


Free Hinton

Free Hinton

Free Hinton

Forming a yoyo company with my friends was a perfect step for me to give back to both the yoyo community and the community around me. I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead as we grow and establish Eternal Throw.

Favorite yoyo styles?: 1A and 2A
Favorite yoyo trick?: Jedi Back-flip variation and Boomerang
What trick is your kryptonite?: Superman
When not yo-yoing?: Playing music, hanging out with my family
Started yo-yoing?: 1999
Anti-food?: Chicken and Rice Casserole
Pets?: Siberian Husky named Gandalf and a Turtle named Little Dude and a fish named Percy (perseverance, he was Little Dude’s food but never got eaten)
Newest trick learned?: Seasick

Chad Sage


Chad Sage

Free and I decided to make the road trip to our first National yoyo competition in Chico California in 2011. After an amazing weekend and meeting several others who have started their own yoyo company the next step was clear. With Free’s skill and passion for the yoyo community and my background as a business owner we started Eternal Throw. I look forward to the adventure that lies before us.

Favorite yoyo styles? I love 2A!
Favorite yoyo trick? Two handed inside loops. Simple but it sure looks AWESOME!
What trick is your kryptonite? I’m trying to get up to 100 inside loops. I just need to stick with it and I’ll get there soon!
When not yo-yoing? Spending time with my family and playing sports
Started yo-yoing? 1989
Anti-food? Anything that lives in the sea
Pets? Had dogs but never quite worked out. The kids want another one though.
Newest trick learned? Plastic Whip

Luke Reinert

Luke Reinert

Luke Reinert

Skip forward 3 years to mid June 2011. I was cleaning out my room and found my old yoyo and thought, why the heck not? I started getting back into it and through some intense googling I found YoyoExpert.com. I started going through the tutorial trick list on the site, and it was fun, but I wanted to find some people around me who yo-yoed. So I threw a post up on the forums and found the Washington yoyo club. I began going to as many meets as possible which is eventually where I met all three owners of Eternal Throw. Jump forward about five months and two mini contests later and we’re in January of 2012 when Free tells me that he wants to sponsor me with his new company, and now, here I am writing this!

Favorite yoyo styles? 1A and 4A
Favorite yoyo trick? Suicides
What trick is your kryptonite? 4A regens
When not yoyoing? Skiing School
Started yo-yoing? I’m gonna say June 2011
Anti-food? Ocra and Mushrooms
Pets? 2 Cats
Newest trick learned? Chopstick GT suicide

Joseph Pallagi


Joseph Pallagi

A few years later I was throwing a Free Hand 2 on a field trip in Seattle. A guy came up to me and started yoyoing and talking with me. He showed me what a bind was and said that there was a yoyo competition the next day at the Seattle Center. That was in 06 or 07 and I went to the contest and got connected with the local yoyo club. The club helped me find ways to improve and showed me good ways to find yoyo videos and new yoyos online. The next year when I competed at the Pacific Northwest yoyo contest I believe I got 8th place in 1A. Joseph is asked all the time how tall he is….he is 6’ 7”.

Favorite yoyo styles? 1A , 4A, 5A
Favorite yoyo trick? Finger grind
What trick is your kryptonite? Seasick
When not yo-yoing? I enjoy spending time with friends, playing guitar
Started yo-yoing? Age 14, 2002
Anti-food? FISH
How tall/ what size shoe? 6.7 size 16
Newest trick learned? Unnamed
Favorite words? Cool beans, savage, armature

Noah Bachofen

Noah Bachofen

Noah Bachofen

I started yo-yoing over the summer of sixth to seventh grade. I was made fun of all of seventh and eighth grade for my new hobby. I refused to give in to the peer pressure, I wanted to prove everyone wrong about yo-yoing. My cousin Nehemiah got me into yo-yoing when we started hanging out a lot and doing everything together. Over time I went from practicing a few days a week to practicing for hours every day. I started having a ton of fun while meeting new people and also traveling the entire nation to compete in contests.

Favorite yoyo styles? 1A and 4A
Favorite yoyo trick? Finger Spins
What trick is your kryptonite? 2a in general
When not yo-yoing? Playing Goalie for my varsity lacrosse team
Started yo-yoing? June 2010
Anti-food? try me, although octopus sounds gross.
Pets 1 dog – beagle dachshund mix
Newest trick learned? Lasso